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Join us on Tuesday 17TH January 2023 from 6PM – 7PM at the Hertford Wellbeing Hub. This is a chance for the community to shape the next phase of our project and give us your thoughts on what we should focus on!

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January 2023 - Key Dates

Tuesday 17th - Community Engagement event

Community engagement event at the Hertford Wellbeing Hub from 6pm – 7pm

Tuesday 24th - Community Engagement event

Community engagement event at the Sele Community Hub, Fleming Crescent

Thursday 26th - Sele Health walk launch

Launch of the new Sele First Steps walk, a 20-30 minute sociable walk

What is 'Sele Community Project'?

The Sele Community Project is a partnership between Active East Herts, Herts Sports Partnership and East Herts Council. This partnership works with local residents, community organisations and the local businesses of Sele to develop a range of health and wellbeing opportunities for people to access and enjoy. Most importantly, these opportunities will be created and delivered by the community with support from local organisations and partners.

The aim is to collectively build a healthy future for residents on Sele Farm, where local environments will make the healthy choice the easy choice, and support everyone to be well, eat well, and be active.

What's happened so far?

The first stage was to gather insight from local residents to understand the barriers to being physically, mentally and socially active on the estate. This went out in November 2021 with 70 responses received. 

This data was analysed and followed up with phone calls. The feedback then formed a set of themed actions, with one of the main points behind the need for a clear place to find out information about what’s going on on the estate. That’s why this page was created!

We then hosted a Come and Try event on 29th April 2022 at the Sele Community Centre with 60+ people attending to find out what was going on locally. 

The event offered us a chance to hear more feedback, to share and celebrate what is great about Sele and form some more actions moving forward! 

What's Next?

We are working hard to encourage residents to take part in the brilliant activities already going on in the estate (have a look at the online calendar below to find out what’s happening). 

A summary of actions was produced off the back of the survey responses and the feedback from the Come and Try day which we are busy working towards. 

With some more information on what the priorities of the residents are, we will be producing a second, more focused survey to set out our next steps from January 2023.

Pictured: The opening of the new Sele Defib, opened in June 2022

Get involved - SCP Activator Role

The SCP Activator role with volunteer expenses

The SCP Project team has worked with the residents to help this project happen and recognises that the best community projects involve those who live and work on Sele and uses their knowledge and contacts to make a difference in their local community. It’s all about promoting the SCP and getting others involved too. With the funds for Phase Two of the SCP we would like to develop the SCP Activator role which will be a volunteer supported role with expenses and a range of incentives to help encourage wider community involvement.

The SCP Activator role would give you the chance to:

 Work with others on taking actions to benefit the residents and SCP goals.

 Be a knowledge hub for all the activities and things going on in Sele.

 Have access to some funding (typically £200 to £300) to be used for poster, encouraging others to go to different. activities or SCP community meetings, refreshments and organising SCP tasks and residents.

 Be a positive influencer for the SCP in talking to neighbours, friends and families, getting them involved and being a listening ear to feed back to the SCP Project Team.

 Access training and community skills to help you in your SCP Activator role.

Access to a paid for Disclosure and Barring Check so you and the community can have reassurance about your role.

To register your interest or to find out more details, contact Simon on 

Adam or Claire by text, email or phone using the details below. Put SCP Activator role on Simon Barfoot – or text/phone 07921 403873

Activity finder

A key finding so far from the survey has been a need for ‘one place to find information on Sele’. Hence, we’ve started to create a calendar of activities available on the estate. This will be continuously updated as we discover more activities, events and sessions. 

june, 2024

If you have any questions relating to this project, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact one of the project team using the below details;


Phone: 07538 706560

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